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Protecting Business Interests In Divorce

Building and managing a business takes years of hard work and sacrifice, often drawing on the resources of both spouses. At The Bice Law Group, we help clients protect the fruits of their hard work through divorce proceedings by securing fair and accurate business valuations and advocating for a favorable division of those assets.

Whether resolved at mediation or in the courtroom, disputes surrounding business assets are legally, financially, and emotionally complex. We will work closely with you to understand what is important to you, then tirelessly advocate for your fair share of business assets.

Business Valuation And Division In Virginia

Under Virginia law, businesses and their property are part of the marital estate, which is divided under a doctrine of equitable distribution regardless of whether the business assets are owned by one or both spouses. Learn more about equitable distribution and property division.

The court may place a monetary value on the business and award some compensation to the non-owning spouse to compensate for their marital interest in the business. If you have supported an entrepreneur spouse emotionally, financially, or with child-rearing, your interests also deserve to be represented in matters of business valuation. Our family law attorneys are experienced in representing stakeholders as well as their spouses in the valuation of businesses of all sizes.

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