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At The Bice Law Group, we provide strategic representation and compassionate counsel to clients going through challenging issues like divorce, child custody and other family law matters.
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Legal problems involving the family have the potential to become emotionally charged. Therefore, having a steady hand guiding your situation to the best possible outcome is a must. By seeking out the services of an experienced family law attorney, you can ensure your voice is heard regardless of the specifics of your circumstances.

Located in Lynchburg, The Bice Law Group has helped resolve simple and complex family law concerns in Virginia since 1984. No matter how complicated or contested your situation might seem, our firm provides practical insight and strong support to help you achieve a positive outcome.

Why Work With The Bice Law Group?

Respected Leaders

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, we are deeply familiar with the laws and courts that affect our clients. David Bice is a board member of the Lynchburg Bar Association.

Strong Advocates

When settlement talks break down during a divorce proceeding or some other family law dispute, we are determined litigators who can create an effective trial strategy and deliver a strong argument in court.

Compassionate Counselors

We never forget the strain that usually accompanies the end of a marriage or a conflict over how your children will be raised. From start to finish, our firm will treat you with the care and respect you deserve.

Often, fighting over domestic issues adds time, expense and hassle to an already difficult situation. Our team strives to minimize conflict and achieve consensus whenever it is in our client’s best interests, even when serious disputes exist.

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David Byron Bice

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David Bice’s unique background and deep experience supports clients through family law challenges.

The Bice Law Group

“You truly do you get what you pay for and Bice and his team are worth every penny. He always seemed one step ahead of our opposing lawyer. And that brought confidence that he would work hard for the best possible outcome for us and all his clients.”

“I just wanted to say thanks David Bice for doing a great job today in court. There’s no way I could have got this far on my own. It had been a long hard road and I appreciate all the hard work your law firm had done.”

“Throughout my extremely complicated case, Bice and his staff, has been excessively dedicated, extremely competent, and readily available to me. As a single father, I found great comfort in this. He provides great legal counsel and is very thorough from beginning to end.“

“Thank you so much for everything this Christmas will be oh so different, even while staying the same. We are truly so grateful for y’all and appreciate everything. Thank y’all so much for making our family, that was already so, complete. Our girls were full of happy tears, laughter, and the biggest hugs anyone has ever felt.”

“First off I just want to tell you that y’all are hands down amazing!!!! I truly mean that from the bottom of my heart.”
“It was a pleasure working with David. I really appreciate all of the hard work and time he put into my case.”
“Wow I was so blessed to have found you guys! Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome and comfortable in a very uncomfortable situation❤️ you guys are a fabulous team and definitely doing what you should be doing! “