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A Collaborative Approach To Divorce

To many people, the term “divorce” suggests conflict, chaos, and scorched earth. However, contentious litigation can quickly become stressful, expensive, and destructive.

Particularly if you have children, your relationship will continue in some way even after your divorce is finalized. At The Bice Law Group, we use collaborative law to help divorcing couples resolve disagreements, avoid costly litigation, and set the stage for a peaceful relationship into the future.

Keeping Family At The Center Of Family Law

Our attorneys have used the collaborative divorce framework to help many families avoid the stress, expense, and collateral damage of divorce litigation.

Founding partner David Bice is a trained mediator who is qualified to guide clients under the collaborative practice model, as well as a certified arbitrator with the Virginia State Bar. Our firm draws on this knowledge of alternative dispute resolution as well as decades of experience focused narrowly on family law.

Solutions That Fit Your Family

Judges must make family law determinations with limited time, limited evidence, and a limited understanding of the family at the heart of the case. Choosing to resolve your divorce outside a courtroom ensures you have some say in the outcome, rather than leaving it entirely up to the court.

There are certain cases in which a collaborative approach does not make sense for all parties. When that is the case, or when negotiations do not yield an accept result for our clients, our team is ready to advocate for their interests at trial.

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