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Safeguarding Your Interests When You’re Dissolving Your Marriage

No one looks forward to the end of their marriage, but finding the right Lynchburg divorce attorney can help you emerge with your finances and well-being intact. For 35 years, The Bice Law Group has provided representation to central Virginians in all types of divorces. Our attorneys will make sure that you’re familiar with key legal standards and will make every legal effort to deliver the results you seek on matters relating to spousal support, child custody, property division, and child support.

What Is The Divorce Process In Virginia?

As you begin the marriage dissolution process, we advise on initial concerns such as:

  • Filing: Divorce complaints and related documents are filed in the circuit court.
  • Residency: To dissolve a marriage in the state, at least one spouse must have lived in Virginia for six months or more.
  • Grounds: You can file for a “no-fault” divorce in Virginia as long as you have lived apart for the requisite period of time. Couples who are childless and have a settlement need to wait six months. Others must be separated for a year. Traditional fault grounds, such as adultery and abandonment, are also available.

From start to finish, you can rely on us to answer your questions and create a complete strategy based on your situation and needs.

What Are My Options For Divorce In Virginia?

What most people refer to simply as “divorce” is called “absolute divorce” under Virginia law. If the time has come to break up, the benefits and drawbacks of the following options include:

  • Mediation and uncontested divorce: David B. Bice is a trained family law mediator who knows how this method of alternative dispute resolution can bridge the gap over divorce terms. During this process, he will strive to reach a martial settlement agreement that can be presented to the court in order to obtain an uncontested divorce.
  • Litigation: Sometimes, going to court is the best way to secure the outcome you deserve. We are proven family litigators who aggressively advocate for clients at trial.
  • Divorce from bed and board: Though Virginia does not authorize legal separations, a divorce from bed and board gives victims of spousal abuse and abandonment the opportunity to assert their legal rights while remaining legally wed.

For many people, divorce is a traumatic event, but we use our knowledge and experience to help clients find the process that works best for them.

What Are Common Disputes In Virginia Divorces?

When representing parents of minor children, we take great care to learn about key concerns relating to child custody terms and visitation schedules. In these matters – as well as in situations involving child support, property division and alimony disputes – we look to settle disputes favorably and efficiently. However, if fair consensus cannot be reached, we are experienced trial advocates who are always ready to assert our clients’ rights in court.

How Premarital Agreements Affect Divorce

Many couples execute a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement to clarify financial issues in the event of a divorce and to minimize the likelihood of an extended legal battle. Our lawyers can examine your premarital/postmarital document and advise if there are any potential concerns about enforcing language addressing property division and spousal support.

Divorce Considerations For High Net Worth Couples

High net worth couples are more likely to face complex issues over property division and spousal support. Disagreements might arise over the value of investments, expensive objects, and ownership shares of a business. David Bice’s background handling divorce cases involving substantial marital estates helps clients achieve favorable results and avoid protracted conflicts that lead to unnecessary costs.

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