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Parental placement adoption occurs when birth parents place a child directly with adoptive parents they choose themselves. Virginia law grants birth parents, adoptive parents, and children in these adoptions the same protections provided by agency-based or social services adoptions.

Working with a family law attorney experienced in private placement adoptions can help you avoid obstacles and minimize distress during a process that is often joyous, but also stressful. At The Bice Law Group, we are proud to be leaders in Virginia adoption law. Our attorneys have guided many families through this transition and presented seminars for other attorneys. We stay at the forefront of developments in the law and are known by colleagues, courts and the community for our thorough, attentive counsel.

Keeping Family At The Center Of Family Law

As family lawyers, we are grateful for the opportunity to help bring families together and we take this responsibility seriously. In decades of experience advocating for clients through adoption, we have become deeply familiar with the common roadblocks, regulations, and entities that can impact your case.

We are here for you on the journey to adoption, whether you are a birth parent, a prospective adoptive parent or part of an agency with an interest in a case. We know every client and every family is unique, and we are ready to support you in building yours.

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